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We Also BUY Houses

We and our partner companies buy low cost 2-bed and 3-bed terraced houses. We renovate them and then rent them out.

Properties with Sitting Tenants

We will look after tenants who have been in the property and will aim to keep them whilst renovating the property to a good standard. If you are a tenant and your landlord wants to sell – tell them about us.

Properties that need Renovating

Even if properties have been empty for a long time or need a lot of work, we can make a suitable offer. We would renovate them and then rent them out.

Properties that need to be sold Quickly

If you need to sell the property quickly at a fair price – then we can help you.


Contact us and one of our team will do a quick survey valuation of your property. We will make an immediate purchase offer at a fair price.


Once you accept the offer, the sales process is quick. Our solicitor can normally complete a standard purchase within a couple of weeks. We have cash funds to purchase all properties and there is no delay in you getting your funds.


There is no need to pay an Estate Agent – so you save on fees. We can also recommend low cost and efficient seller’s solicitors that can act for you.

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